Not only can Martinez Lawn Services take care of your servicing and maintenance needs, but we can also directly supply you with products to complete your desired look.  While some lawn-care service companies require you to purchase your own products, we work directly with local suppliers to purchase products for you at discounted prices.  Whether you're looking for flowers to update your flower bed, or would like full-sized trees to plant, you can count on us to get you the best selection at the lowest prices.


Flowers are the easiest thing you can add to spruce up your yard.  Flowers and small plants are relatively easy to grow, they're somewhat inexpensive, and they mature quickly.  Planted around the house and trees, or planted as a border for driveways and sidewalks, flowers can significantly beautify your existing landscape.  We work directly with local nurseries, so we always have a wide selection of in-season flowers available.


Trees are great for protection against the elements as well as enhanced privacy.  They can create an enjoyable shade and enhance the beauty of your yard.  There are many different types of trees to use in your yard, and we can help you choose which ones to use based on their maintenance, growing attributes and look.  Remember that transplanting and planting trees should be done in either spring or fall, and never during the summer.  We have access to many different types of trees, including trees not usually found in the North Texas area.  After they are planted, we will also be there to maintain the beauty and health of your trees.

Shrubs and bushes

Landscaping shrubs and bushes have a number of functions in the garden.  The two most important design roles of landscape bushes are to act as a visual barrier to screen out unwanted views, or as a background to focal points such as a statue, a water feature, or a mass of flowers.  Shrubs can also be used to outline boundaries or to create privacy screening.

Organic Mulch

Organic mulch is recommended for most medium and high water-use beds or borders.  Organic mulch used in conjunction with an under-mulch drip irrigation system is highly beneficial to plants and soil life.


Pavestone can be used for many applications, including Retaining Walls, Tree Rings, Planter Beds, Garden Terraces, Slope Stabilization, Elevation Changes and Raised Planters.  Our professionals can create a unique and useful design that will become the centerpiece of your outdoor living area.  We feature a wide variety of patio materials that work well in the area, including interlocking concrete pavers and natural stone (flagstone, slate, etc.).  Our knowledgeable designers will assist you in choosing the best material for your intended uses and budget.

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