Beautiful landscapes and outdoor living areas not only transform the appearance and impression of your home, but also enhance the value of your property.  Choosing the right landscape firm can be challenging, but keep in mind that it is one of the most important decisions to make when you want to create the outdoor space of your dreams.  Whether you are looking to renovate your entire landscape with an outdoor kitchen and water features, such as a fountain or koi pond, or just refresh your landscape with seasonal colors, illumination or tree trimmings, Martinez Lawn Services can help you bring your landscape and outdoor living visions to life.

Landscape Maintenance

We provide weekly scheduled lawn services.  Continuous care helps keep your lawn looking well manicured.  Our lawn maintenance services include Weed Control, Fertilizing, Shrub Trimming and Pruning, Flower Bed Maintenance and Gutter Cleanout.

Landscape Design

Our landscape architects are renowned for transforming ordinary landscapes into distinctive works of art.  We create cohesive themes for your landscape that complement not only your home but also your style  Our innovative design and attention to detail merge to create a new experience you'll love every time you walk out your door.


Our gates and fencing provide you with safety from the interruptions of the outside world, while adding a decorative element and final touch to your landscape and home.  Our team can build a secure environment and enhance your outdoor experience with Decorative Gates, Decorative Fencing, Wood Fencing, Iron Fencing and other Screening Elements.


We service all brands of irrigation systems, and our technicians are trained to efficiently diagnose and properly repair problems in your system - from the simplest nozzle or head replacement, to the most complex wiring, valve, or controller issues.  Our service vehicles are stocked with a variety of irrigation parts to minimize repair time and allow your irrigation system to be operational as quickly as possible.

Tree Service

Tree needs are unique from customer to customer, and changing seasons bring special care challenges.  Our knowledgeable staff will care for your property as if it were their own, addressing its specific needs and protecting your investment in the beauty and functionality of your trees.  Trees must be trimmed regularly in order to assure good tree structure and strength.  Unnecessary branches, hazardous limbs and dead wood may be removed to create pathways for sunlight and air and to assure safety and prevent limbs from falling on structures and other areas of the tree.  In poor soil areas, many trees need to be fertilized.  Sometimes insects and disease must be addressed and treated to prevent the tree from gradual decline and early death.  Sometimes a tree must be removed to clear the way for construction or changing landscape strategy, and we have the expertise to do the job well.


Attention to details allows us to implement pavers to create elegant walkways, patios, and driveways that highlight your landscape.  Unlike concrete which becomes hard to repair if damaged, pavers can easily be removed and replaced for a much lower cost, and yet they withstand harsh weather conditions much better than concrete or asphalt.

Retaining Walls

Because of the topography of a property, a retaining wall may be needed to create a level surface and prevent erosion on a sloped area and making it suitable to build other landscape features such as a pool, outdoor room, or kitchen.  However, if they are not properly built, retaining walls can easily succumb to the pressures of weather and other natural elements.  Our designers have the experience and expertise to build retaining walls that can withstand the test of time and weather.

Seasonal Maintenance

Our seasonal services provide you with designers, consultants and maintenance teams that work with you to maintain your landscape's health and appeal all year long.  Through plant and color selection and maintenance, we make caring for your landscape enjoyable and effortless.  Let us help you with General Cleanups, Seasonal Color, Mulching, Winter Rye and more.  We will improve your landscape's appearance, health and longevity, while making it easy and convenient for you to have a beautiful landscape year-round.

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